Socal Media

In addition to the other services Integrity Graphics offers, we now provide complete digital marketing consulting and management. Whether you’re looking to incorporate social marketing initiatives into your overall marketing plan, one marketing campaign or need a tutorial on how best to utilize social media, Integrity Graphics can help! Nowadays, with so many people turning to social media for all of their needs, companies must capture their audience across a variety of platforms. When businesses do not utilize social media, there is a large demographic they are failing to capture.

Consulting vs. Managing

What social media marketing services do we offer, and which ones are right for your company?  We currently offer two types of social media management: consulting and managing.


Do you have social media handles already, but you aren’t sure how to execute an effective strategy? Lacking a social media presence entirely? Enter Integrity Graphics. We now offer social media consulting for any business, large or small. With an in-house social media guru, we are able to effectively train and guide our clients through all facets of developing a well thought-out social media plan. With continuous training, our social media manager can guide clients through the peaks and valleys of the interwebs.

If you have a general grasp of the social media world, our consulting package will help enhance your multi-channel approach, provide you with industry insights and allow you access to our social media marketing manager.


In addition to all the benefits of our consulting package, our management package aims to provide full scale social media management to clients who qualify. Don’t have Facebook? Don’t have Twitter? Don’t have any social media presence at all? No problem.

Unlike our consulting package, our management package is designed to provide customers with all of items mentioned above in addition to content creation and full-time management. This could mean developing your social media handles from scratch or revitalizing abandoned ones. Whatever your specific needs, we will work with you to develop an approach that works.

But what if...

Don’t feel like either option mentioned above is the right fit for you? That’s OK. Sit down with our social media marketing manager to carve out a plan that works for you and your business model. Packages are priced on a variety of components, giving us the flexibility to create a plan that works for you.