Graphic Design

Our talented, in-house design team is ready to make your vision a reality. With a diverse background, working for both local and national companies, our seasoned staff is able to handle any type of design project. Whether you’re looking to re-brand or simply update your existing marketing communications, we’re here to help.

It’s been our mission to not only drive brand awareness, but understand core values and translate them into tangible products. Because of this mentality, we’re able to customize entire design projects to adequately reflect our clients’ specifications and objectives. From beginning to end, our goal is produce top-flight, aesthetically pleasing products.

The Benefits….

When you invest in hiring a graphic designer to help execute your project, you’re investing in your future. When teaming up with Integrity Graphics you’ll able to take advantage of “one stop shopping” and a professional, one-on-one relationship. As a full-fledged commercial printer, design and marketing firm, our clients reap the benefits of having a variety of resources available at one company.

Identify Yourself…

Tell us your goals and they become our goals! Our goal is to assist companies looking to identify or drive their brand awareness through various marketing channels. Whether you opt for a direct mail campaign, an email marketing series or some combination of the two, we’re equipped to design what works for you. When companies elect to incorporate both web and social media technology along with traditional print services, the marketing communications options are nearly endless. Once your marketing plan is laid out, Integrity achieves the various elements through rigorous teamwork and dedication to the task.

We want to help you design materials that are intelligent, memorable, creative and confidently express your brand, capture your personality and effectively connect you with your audience.