Mail Merge

As marketing and communication strategies continue to evolve, we recognize that the print and data solutions we offer must do the same. Along with the many products and services we provide, Integrity Graphics also features Variable Data and Direct Mailing services.

Variable Data Printing has an explosive power, generating greater response rates than that of traditional direct mail campaigns. In this day and age, with 24/7 availability of information, we understand the importance of personalized communications and result-orientated marketing pieces.

Using the method of Variable Data Printing (VDP) or Variable Information Printing (VIP), we are able to produce high volume, one-on-one communications; specific to the audience you are trying to reach. With a long history producing such projects, we know that with variable data campaigns, the rate of return is exponentially higher than that of conventional mass mailings.

Regardless of the type of communication, digital printing offers features and benefits that boast results up to ten times greater than that of traditional techniques. That’s why Integrity Graphics provides our clients with a variety of Variable Data options. By personalizing communications with text, imagery and unique offers, several things begin to happen:

  • Average engagement improves
  • Cost per response decreases
  • Repeat business increases
  • Average order sizes increase

 That’s why Integrity Graphics has been offering Variable Data solutions for years!

When Integrity first started utilizing digital printing technology, in conjunction with the help of our designers, production specialists, and customer service representatives, we have had the ability to design, implement and produce bulk quantities, with short turnaround times with 100% customization.

Think Variable Data and Direct Mailing is an avenue you want to explore? Perhaps you want to take a multi-channel approach and incorporate a social media campaign. We encourage contacting us at Integrity to see which solutions will work best for you.