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Integrity Green Report

December 9, 2010

Every year our recycling efforts help the global environment. Over the last 11 months we saved:

  • 226.7 tons of paper recycled
  • 3,854 trees
  • 1,576,245 gallons of water
  • 104,962.10 gallons of oil
  • 133,073 lbs of air pollutants
  • 694 cubic yards landfill space
  • 924,256 kilowatt hours

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Our purpose at Integrity Graphics is to focus on you the client. That focus is what we bring to each and every project, start to finish. Whether it is digital photography, file management, printing, finishing, mailing, or fulfillment services, we provide the means to create new and expanded business opportunities, and to focus on your business through graphics and marketing communications.

Digital Prepress

The prepress stage blends all resources - photos, illustration and text into a digitized database of information ready for output to film or plates

Our cutting edge digital capabilities allow us to accept files from any source, platform and software configuration imaginable, and generate ready for press digital files to the most discerning specifications. We will archive any or all projects for you, to allow you fast, efficient access in the future.

Conventional Prepress

We maintain a traditional prepress department to offer our clients the full gamut of options in color separation and image assemblage.

State-of-the-art drum scanners, plus the capability to generate film, strip and compose in the traditional method of pre-press, can mean cost-savings for specific types of work. We are committed to providing continued support in this specialty area to offer our clients the broadest range of options available.

Color Management

Using state of the art equipment, our color department manages and maintains every aspect of color profile creation and calibration.

From file to proof, through our press or yours, even to large format digital output, your project has been color managed to make your product look its best. Offering the latest in screening technologies we’ll make your project shine. Not one to rest on our laurels our color department has taken a leadership role with GRACoL to set a new industry standard for print. To see what we’ve been up to, click here to view the PDF.

This is the test sheet printed on 2/1/05 at Integrity Graphics in coordination with GRACoL (General Requirements and Applications for Commercial Offset Lithography). Integrity is working with GRACoL to establish new industry color management guidelines for commercial color printing.

The GRACoL effort to create printing specifications has become an international effort. Integrity Graphics is also working with a group called Printing Across Borders, located in Berlin, Germany to establish a single print guideline for all print. Visit their website at