Team Spotlight: Richard Blinderman

Published 06/13/2016

Name: Richard Blinderman

Company/Division Name: Integrity Graphics

# of Years with Company: A year and a half

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

I have been in the printing and marketing industry for almost 25 years. I enjoy the craft related to producing print and all of the cogs (both mechanically and humanly) it takes to produce a beautifully finished piece. I am married with children and am an avid runner, biker and triathlete.

Why Integrity Graphics?

Integrity Graphics is a great printing company with a wide variety of capabilities. I find the company’s leadership stressing the importance of the customer is engrained from top to bottom. The fact that our President is very involved and in tune with our customers’ needs is one of the things that makes our company great.

What aspect of your role at Integrity Graphics do you enjoy most?

I enjoy the interaction with our clients...learning about them both on a professional and personal level. There is nothing better than turning a client’s idea into a tangible item.

What’s your best printing tip?

Never rush anything. This only leads to errors.

Where do you find inspiration outside of work?

My family (wife and children), travel, as well as trying to stay in great shape and pushing my body to the limit.