Team Spotlight: Kimberly Mulcahy

Published 08/26/2016

Name: Kimberly Mulcahy

Company/Division Name: Excelsior Printing, A Division of Integrity Graphics

# of Years with Company: Nine years

Tell Us a Little About Yourself:

I started out in Information Technology and moved into Printing almost 10 years ago. My involvement and responsibilities have been with sales, customer service, estimating, mailing and scheduling in a printing environment. I have found that my computer science background has helped in problem solving and allows me to think outside the box when it comes to our customers’ projects.

Why Excelsior Printing?

One year ago, Excelsior joined Integrity Graphics, Inc. We are now part of a larger corporation which we have been very excited about. This acquisition opened the door for us to be able to offer more capabilities and capacity not to mention all the knowledge that this company as a whole, contains.

What aspect of your role at Excelsior Printing do you enjoy most?

Our customers. I really enjoy working with our customers, who range from a small Mom & Pop shop to well known Museums. I am able to meet and work with folks from schools, seed packet suppliers, financial institutions and theatre groups, just to name a few.

What’s your best printing tip?

The most important part of the printing process is the very beginning. It is important to ensure that you have well prepared files. One of the biggest mistakes we see is a simple one: files must be converted from RGB to CMYK in order to print offset. This conversion will change the look of your piece, sometimes marginally, sometimes dramatically.  Another thing to remember is about the bleed. The bleed is extending the color, or image, or copy, beyond where the piece gets trimmed. This allows the printer some room for when the final piece gets trimmed. A lot of times designers want the color to run off the sides of the piece (no white border showing) or they want an image to run off the side. A 1/8” bleed on all sides is a safe standard. Talk to your printer before finalizing the files. We are here to help.

Where do you find inspiration outside of work?

Being outdoors, whether it be hiking, gardening, or golfing, with family.