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How to Choose the Right Binding for Your Project

Published 05/11/2016

Selecting the best binding style to apply to your customized print project is just as important as the design and printing of the piece. Once the design and printing phase of your project is complete, you’ll have several binding options available to you that will help your project – literally – come together. “How do I know...

6 Reasons To Love PDQ Graphics

Published 06/17/2015

Why We Love PDQ Graphics In today’s blog I wanted to stop and share a secret with you. PDQ Graphics is open for business! This may sound odd to you, but I’d like to take a minute to talk about the coolest place on earth. When I started my career at Integrity Graphics, I worked out of...

We’re More Than Just a Print Shop

Published 06/02/2015

We’re More Than Just a Print Shop People are always asking me what makes us so different from other printing companies out there. Though I’ve tried endlessly to provide strong examples of what makes us different, sometimes it’s difficult to wrap your head around the entire scope of what we do here. As we hope all...