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Integrity Green Report

December 9, 2010

Every year our recycling efforts help the global environment. Over the last 11 months we saved:

  • 226.7 tons of paper recycled
  • 3,854 trees
  • 1,576,245 gallons of water
  • 104,962.10 gallons of oil
  • 133,073 lbs of air pollutants
  • 694 cubic yards landfill space
  • 924,256 kilowatt hours

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Our purpose at Integrity Graphics is to focus on you the client. That focus is what we bring to each and every project, start to finish. Whether it is digital photography, file management, printing, finishing, mailing, or fulfillment services, we provide the means to create new and expanded business opportunities, and to focus on your business through graphics and marketing communications.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Reps. keep you in control of your project, start to finish. We'll update you by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Our team concept means having a network of support staff available to you at all times. Our individuals are knowledgeable professionals with a focus on communication. From scheduling, to coordination of all aspects of your job, to follow-up after your job has been delivered, customer service provides the link to our network of services.


Sales and marketing work together to help you create printed materials that cut through the clutter of poorly produced literature.

Our team effort begins with our sales force, a seasoned group of experts with a thorough knowledge of print production and marketing communications. We can assist you in preparing and developing your graphic materials in a clear and concise manner.


Our fleet of delivery vehicles is radio equipped for prompt coordination and delivery of your projects.

We try not to overlook any details in the continuum of producing a project, and reliable delivery is one more essential aspect. A fleet of varying capacity vehicles, from panel vans to full-size trucks means efficient shipping of your product.